You’ll never guess who the web’s second-largest hoster is

Not Google, Microsoft or IBM. Netcraft says it's Digital Ocean

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English researcher Netcarft has new numbers out today claiming that startup Digital Ocean is the second largest web-hoster with 163,000 public-facing servers, trailing only Amazon Web Services.

AWS, the behemoth of the public IaaS cloud computing market, has more than twice as many web-facing computers as Digital Ocean. Find the detailed research here.

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It’s important to note precisely what Netcraft is measuring here. It’s not the overall scale of a distributed computing platform, or the largest revenue in the cloud or hosting market. Netcraft measures which vendor has the most computers acting as web-servers on the Internet through a reverse domain name system (DNS) lookup. Companies like Google or Microsoft could have many more serves, but they are not available for public use. In addition to benchmarking, Netcraft provides security services such as anti-fraud and anti-phishing services.

Whether you take stock in figures from Netcraft or not, the overall point is that Digital Ocean is turning into a company that’s worth watching in the hosting market.

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