Galaxy S6 edge an impressive enterprise phone — with one big exception

This enterprise-oriented Samsung Galaxy edge review looks at the strengths and shortcomings of the hottest new Android phone from a business perspective. Hint: It has a glaring Achilles heel.

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Samsung Galaxy edge enterprise review: Conclusion

From a security perspective, the GS6 edge outshines every other Android phone on the market, thanks to Samsung's KNOX platform. The new and improved fingerprint scanner works well and is infinitely more effective than the company's last-generation scanner. The phone is stylish and functional. Its display is amazing. It supports two wireless charging standards without any sort of add-on accessory. And it has a quality camera, as well as top-of-the-line tech specs across the board.

However, GS6 edge battery life is horrific. The Android software is buggy, and certain apps don't run well or won't run at all. The GS6 edge's curved display looks cool, and it's sure to grab attention, but other than that, it's a novelty — it also costs at least $100 more than the standard, non-curved GS6. The GS6 fingerprint scanner doesn't do much beyond let you secure and then unlock your phone with a tap. And the device seems delicate, so a quality case and a screen protector is a must.

samsung galaxy s6 edge left side Brian Sacco

Overall, I really like the GS6 edge, and if it weren't for that glaring battery issue, I'd say, without hesitation, that the GS6 edge is the best Android phone for business. However, the poor battery life is a deal-breaker for me, and the general software "bugginess" also doesn't help Samsung's cause in the enterprise.

The added cost of the GS6 edge curved display should push most organizations and business users toward the standard GS6. The GS6 with standard display also seems more durable, and it's easier to find glass screen protectors to help cushion the inevitable drops. For these reasons, the standard GS6 is probably a better option for business than its fancy, curved counterpart.

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