Nuage visualizes the SDN

New application manages physical, virtual operations

Nuage Networks this week released an application designed to better integrate physical and virtual networks.

The company’s Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) correlates the operation of virtual overlays and physical underlays in software defined networks on behalf of applications and workloads. Nuage says it employs standard protocols to achieve this instead of proprietary approaches offered by its SDN competitors that require specific hardware.

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Visibility into the operations of physical and virtual networks is key to fault isolation and resolution, and assuring service quality. VSAP discovers, aggregates and maintains virtual and physical topologies to correlate services, analyze faults and assist in remedial action, Nuage says.

The company says VSAP can work with any data center routers and switches that support protocols like OSPF, BGP, ISIS and SNMP. It also works with Nuage’s Virtualized Services Platform SDN controller to correlate policies and virtual objects between the physical and virtual infrastructures.

It tracks the lifecycle of VMs and services, logs historical events, correlates events and alarms between the physical and virtual environments, and keeps an inventory of all virtual tunnel end points in the network. It displays the virtual objects associated with the physical elements on the underlay.

VSAP is available now and is in trials with enterprises and cloud providers. Pricing was not disclosed.

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