iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Camera magic via teeny pixels, plus an "airy" new design

iPhone 7 rumors and speculation include an airy new design and potentially huge sales; plus, a futuristic new case designed to keep you charged up

iPhone 7 rumor rollup, Apple news
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Do you think of your iPhone more as a phone or a camera? The latter might wind up being more true for many if the latest rumors about what Apple will bring to iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 come to fruition.

Two well-respected Apple watchers this past week indicated that the next iPhones will likely boast 12 megapixel cameras with smaller pixels designed for higher quality photos. The past few models of the iPhone, going back to the 4S introduced in 2011, have had 8 megapixel cameras.

Pixel Party

IHS China’s Kevin Wong, referring to the next Apple smartphone as the iPhone 6S, “confirmed” via his sources that a 12MP camera is on the way, according to the G for Games site.

G for Games seems to be writing for me when it asserts that “if you know a thing or two about photography” – that about sums me up, as I know only about one or two things about photography --“you probably know that bigger pixels (and thus lower pixel density) usually means better low-light pics with less noise. However, just like the Megapixel count is not telling the whole story, so does not the pixel size as there are many other variables at play (like sensor size and the image processing pipeline.”

But what got iPhone rumor mongerers really fired up is that their other favorite analyst, KGI Securities’ Ming Chi-Kuo issued to clients a note outlining 11 predictions for Apple’s next 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones. Increasingly, it’s hard to find this analyst’s name without something like “accurate track record” attached to it.

And as MacRumors reports, one of those predictions is in fact… a 12MP camera. Though Kuo goes on to also predict a bunch of other upgrades, including better Touch ID to fuel Apple Pay use and different internal and external design to address iPhone bending.

Pencil thin view of iPhone's future

SET Solution, a Milan-based creative video production company, has issued its latest YouTube vision of where the iPhone is headed. The theme here is beyond pencil thin. 

Its iPhone Air is smaller than the iPhone 6 at just 4.3mm thick, 122.7mm high and 56.9mm wide. It has a 4-inch screen with full HD resolution. The dang thing might just float away if it were real.

Apple iPhone sales: Going up

Apple's rise to #1 among smartphone makers in China bodes well for continued sales growth, according to researcher UBS Evidence Labs. While many market watchers are predicting Apple will sell something like 45 million units in the three months ending in June, the MobileBurn website reports that UBS Evidence Lab expects Apple to top 50 million unit sales in the quarter.

Kickstarter Kicks in for iPhone Battery Life

Three MIT students have gone the Kickstarter crowdfunding route to get financial support for their clever swappable battery case for iPhone 5 and newer Apple phones. The idea is to let you just swap batteries via the CoBattery case rather than ever need to plug in. The dead battery powers up in a charging dock while you're using the juiced battery.

The creators had collected more than $28K through their campaign as of when this article was posted. Early bird units cost $60.

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