Redditors: Mystery startup Narwhal Bacon Box wants to surprise you

Redditors: Mystery startup Narwhal Bacon Box wants to surprise you

A mysterious new business called Narwhal Bacon Box that says it wants to be the Loot Crate for users of the Reddit news aggregator, is set to reveal itself on June 4.

Now if the words "A", "the" and "June" are the only ones that made any sense to you from that sentence, let me sort of explain.

Loot Crate, for the uninitiated, is a monthly service whose subscribers get a surprise crate of "loot" delivered to their door once a month. Crates have themes like Fear, Battle and Fantasy, and include all sorts of stuff, from T-shirts to games to inflatable crowns. It's kind of like scoring swag from a trade show without having to suffer through the sales pitches at the booths or tables.

Gift box subscriptions are something of trend, with options available for everyone from little kids to new parents to college students to straight-out geeks.

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Narwhal Bacon Box logo

A marketer for Narwhal Bacon Box says the new service will run you about $32 per monthly treasure box. "We handpick items we think redditors will like and deliver them to their door," she says. 

Of course, the definition of what a Redditor will like could vary wildly depending on which subreddits such people frequent. Are we talking r/baseball, r/technology, r/adviceanimals or what other of the thousands of active subreddits?

As for the name Narwhal Bacon Box, that comes from Reddit-inspired memes, as explained here. In a nutshell, it stems from a secret passphrase that enabled Redditors to identify each other in the wild ("This became a way for redditors in real life to ask if the other person was a redditor by asking the question 'When does the narwhal bacon?' and responding with 'midnight.'")

Meanwhile, a countdown clock is ticking away on Narwhal Bacon Box's website, where you can sign up to get updates...

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