Review: HP’s latest blade delivers big punch in small package

ProLiant BL-460 Gen 9 blades are tuned for virtual workloads.

HP’s Gen9 servers are out, and we found them incrementally better than the Gen8 version we recently tested, due to both increased processor horsepower and efficiency.

The Gen9 server features firmware updates, long awaited UEFI local media blade support, faster CPUs, and healthy interconnect paths. There were a few time wasting bugs, which were surmountable, if frustrating.

To demonstrate the shift from 1U-6Us horizontal servers towards blade frames, HP sent us two BL-460 Gen9 blades with a raft of new firm/software on the side. The new half-height blades contained not quite half the memory and number of cores as the blades we tested in full-height Gen8 form. The Gen9 blades were sent with 128GB, and two processors with a dozen cores each, for a total 24 in the blade.

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