Don’t be sloppy, use a floppy

052815blog floppy disk coaster
Redditor feared_rear_admiral

One of the quirkier and more popular sections on Reddit is called r/MildlyInteresting, which features stuff that is … go ahead and guess. Posted there last night was the above photo, which I found to be … go ahead and guess.

It turns out that using old floppy disks as drink coasters is not a new idea. You can find plenty – both authentic and reproductions – online.

However, one Redditor had a reasonable quibble with the one in the picture:

“Those are 3.5" diskettes. True floppy disks were 5.25", had no slide cover for the read area, and were actually flexible. I feel like a freakin' dinosaur because I not only remember the 8" original floppies but also loading info via cassette tape and watching my father use punch machines to write punch cards and spools.”

Punch cards probably wouldn’t make a good drink coaster.

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