How now IoT cow? Sensors can track Elsie's temperature

Monnit IoT temperature sensors
Keith Shaw

The Internet of Things is many things to many people - we’re seeing things like Internet-connected basketballs to vending machines and other devices that connect to the cloud to provide valuable data.

One thing I didn’t expect in the IoT world was a device that could measure a cow’s temperature.

But that’s exactly what Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit, showed me recently at Interop 2015. Walters’ company makes more than 40 different types of sensors that fit into the world of IoT. Most of the things are dry (or wet) devices that measure temperature, water sensing or gas leaks - important things that can mean the difference between a small problem or a major disaster, whether inside your home or at your remote data center.

In terms of the cow temperature sensor, Walters explains the purpose in the video above:

“This is for use in large-scale cattle lots … where cattle can get a bovine respiratory disease that can go through like wildfire through the cattle herd and devastate the profits of the operator.”

The best part, of course, is that the temperature can be measured through the cow’s ear, and not through other openings. Reason #47 why I’m glad I’m not a farmer.

Monnit also showed off its seat sensor, which can detect how long an employee is sitting in their seat (or not, if they’re hanging out at the coffee machine too long). Hopefully the former, as a way to keep employees healthier (rather than the Big Brother approach of making sure they’re in their seats).

The company has a bunch of other sensors on its website.

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