Overhead projector vs. ceiling fan

060115blog primary projector fan

So what do we have here?

First of all, I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this photograph. I received it via the Twitter account for YouHadOneJob, @_youhadonejob. There are several other versions floating around. It could be a fake.

060115blog projector vs ceiling fan

But let’s assume it’s real. What could account for the decision of the projector installer?

Perhaps it could be that the projector needed to be installed a precise distance from the screen and therefore no other variable, such as proximity to the blades of a ceiling fan, could alter that requirement. In other words, the projector installer simply had no choice.

That seems unlikely, but I know nothing about overhead projectors.

Perhaps the ceiling fan did not work and was not going to be repaired, so its role in the projector installer’s decision was inconsequential.

Conceivable, but that ceiling fan was installed for a reason.

Maybe the projector installer didn’t notice the ceiling fan.

Unlikely to say the least.

OK, I’ve got another possibility: What if the projector was there first and it’s the ceiling-fan installer’s judgment that we should be questioning here?


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