Woman loses out on $100,000 by mistakenly recycling an Apple I computer

Woman recycled $100,000 Apple I computer
Ed Uthman via Flickr

A recycling company is on the look out for a woman who dropped off a few boxes of electronic equipment that belonged to her late husband this past April. As it turns out, one such box contained an original Apple I computer that the recycling firm ultimately sold to a collector for a cool $200,000.

With the transaction now complete, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the firm is hoping to locate the mystery donor so they can give her a 50% share of the cut.

Apparently the woman in question provided no form of identification nor did she request a tax receipt. According to the report, the woman strolled in on a Friday, boxes in hand, and simply said, "I want to get rid of this stuff and clean up my garage."

When the recycling company began rummaging through the boxes a few weeks later, they unearthed the Apple I. The upside is that Victor Gichun, the VP of the recycling company, distinctly remembers what the woman looks like.

To get her $100,000 check, the mystery woman just needs to show up at the company's warehouse at 1310 Piper Drive in Milpitas. "To prove who she is," Gichun said, "I just need to look at her."

With 100 grand on the line, hopefully this mystery woman, whoever and wherever she is, realizes what she gave away and comes forward to collect. With only 200 or so Apple I computers ever assembled, by hand no less, existing Apple I units routinely fetch in the multi-hundred-thousand dollar range whenever one is put up for auction.

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