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17 free cloud storage options

There’s Box, DropBox, Drive and iCloud, but which is right for you?

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hidrive logo HiDrive


The deal: 5GB of free cloud storage

Details: Beyond the 5GB of free cloud storage, up to 100GB cost $6.30.month and 500GB costs $12.50 per month. HiDrive is hosted by Starto AG, a German technology company.

More information: HiDrive

hubix logo Hubic


The deal: 25GB of free cloud storage

Details: HubiC is the commercial storage arm of French business cloud provider OVH, which offers a broader set of features related to hosting. HubiC’s prices are in Euros, but 100GB of storage is about $1.06 per month, while 10TB is $5.30 per month.

More information: HubiC pricing

idrive logo idrive


The deal: 5GB of free cloud storage

Details: Users can get additional storage by referring friends; or a 1TB plan is available for about $52 per year. There is also a business service with additional granular security controls that starts at about $75 per user per month.

More information: IDrive

jumpshare logo jumpshare


The deal: 2GB of free cloud storage

Details: Jumpshare offers 1TB of storage for $9.99 a month, or $99 per year. Jumpshare offers a series of advanced features, such as links to documents stored in the cloud that expire after a certain amount of time and ‘self-destruct’ features that give customers the option to delete data after a pre-determined time. Users can also get customer URLs and branding, scheduled sharing, as well as analytics of how many people have consumed information that’s been shared.

More information: Jumpshare

mega logo Mega


The deal: 50GB of free cloud storage

Details: Founded by famed internet provocateur Kim Dotcom, Mega offers one of the must lucrative deals in the cloud: 50GB of free storage. Users can get 4TB for about $9 per month (the company uses Euros). A word of warning: New Zealand-based Mega does not store users’ passwords, so the company recommends you keep a secondary backup of files stored in the service. Basically this means that if you lose your password, Mega can’t help you recover it.

More information: Mega

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