Happy Father's Day, from the Father of Hyperconvergence

cohesity ceo Mohit Aron

One thing that's cool about my job as a tech business publication editor is getting to meet industry pioneers, as I did by phone this past week with Mohit Aron, widely considered to be the Father of Hyperconvergence as a co-founder of Nutanix and now the founder and CEO of startup Cohesity (you can read my Q&A with Aron here). Over the years I've met a bunch of industry Fathers, including Bob Metcalfe of Ethernet fame and Vint Cerf of Internet fame, as well as industry Mothers, like Radia Perlman of Spanning Tree fame.

Not to say that Hyperconvergence is quite a household word, or even an office word, like say Ethernet or the Internet. Nevertheless, the convergence of compute and storage technology has transformed many a data center in recent years, and Aron is hoping his new venture will be a difference maker in what he calls the secondary storage realm.

And Aron does take this Father business seriously, as I could tell from his description of Cohesity's culture. While I haven't visited the startup's Santa Clara offices to get a real feel for the work environment myself yet, I did get a sense of the culture from talking to Aron, an ex-Googler who holds a computer science Ph. D. fro Rice University.

I somewhat cleverly, I thought, asked him about whether Cohesity's workforce might be getting Apple Watches for the holidays after noticing a tweet from Aron from his Nutanix days when he mentioned employees all getting iPad minis. "Already done," Aron said to me, on the Apple Watch front, as Cohesity gave employees gift cards to get the watches once they became available after this past winter's holidays. He said he's hoping Apple comes out with a new gizmo that would make for an appropriate gift this coming holiday season.

Though perhaps Aron's bigger gift to his company was the strategic architecture he outlined and the up front coding he did that his team of ex-Google, Netflix and other engineers then molded into the company's flagship Data Platform offering. We'll see if that turns out to be a gift that keeps on giving.

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