Question about Heinz’s QR code snafu

062215blog ketchup bottle

Security expert and prolific blogger Graham Cluley was among those taking note of the fact last week that the QR label on a Heinz ketchup bottle was discovered to lead not to a Heinz website of some kind but rather to a purveyor of pornography.

Cluley explains:

It's worth remembering that QR codes can point to anywhere on the web. Feeble human brains don't have a clue what a QR code is trying to say until the code is scanned, because the brain can't read a QR code like they can a regular URL.

But in this case, it seems that Heinz failed to renew their registration of the domain name, allowing it to slip out of their hands before it was ultimately snatched up by an opportunistic X-rated site.

Pity for Heinz.

But here is my question: Why on Earth would anyone scan the QR code on a ketchup bottle?

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