Welcome to the workforce: Advice for new programmers

Veteran software developers share the lessons they’ve learned over the years about how to successfully navigate the professional coding business

The college graduation season has once again come and gone, meaning right about now many fresh-faced grads are finding their way around their cubes and trying to figure out how to work the office coffee maker. For the benefit of those entering the tech the industry, a number of technology pros recently shared what they wished they’d known when they first got into the business. But what additional things should people who are specifically going into software development know at the outset of their programming journeys?

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To find out, I spoke with a number of seasoned coding veterans, all with at least a decade (sometimes multiple decades) working as professional software engineers or developers, and I asked them what they wish they’d known when they first started to code for a living.

Whether you’re a recent graduate starting your first developer job, or an older worker who’s transitioned to programming, here are some pieces of advice for newbie programmers from those who’ve been there and been doing that for years.

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