Katie Couric explains: What is the cloud?

For anyone who needs a video that explains what the cloud is to those not in the know

It happens to me all the time: I tell non-techie people that I cover cloud computing for Network World, many say ‘I don’t get the cloud.’

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For those in the know, it’s not a complicated concept. Most basically, vendors like DropBox, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.com offer services from the cloud so that you don’t have to host them yourself.

But for non-techies, this can be a confusing subject.

Well, now we have Katie Couric to explain the cloud to those who may believe it has something to do with the weather. If you’re confused about the cloud, or known someone who is, here is the primer they can watch from America’s favorite news lady’s “Now I get it” series on Yahoo. 

You’re welcome, mom.


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