How to check if you've been attacked by Hacking Team intrusion malware

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Hacking Team malware has been attacking computers and smartphones --- and you may be infected without knowing it. Here's how to find out if you're infected.

Hacking Team is an Italian-based company that sells surveillance and intrusion software to government agencies and law enforcement groups across the world. Earlier this month its systems were broken into and the Hacking Team's intrusion software was released to the world. That means that hackers could grab hold of it for their own purposes and attack computers and smartphone.

Since then, Microsoft has released a patch for Windows designed to close a security hole that could be exploited by Hacking Team Software. Adobe has released a patch for Flash Player, which is vulnerable as well.

Still, you should check your systems to see if you've been victimized. To do it, windows users can download the free Milano utility from Rook Software. OS X users should use the osquery tool released by Facebook. For basic information about osquery, go here. For details about how to use it, head here.

Hacking Team intrusion malware can also target iOS and Android devices. Here are the dirty details about Android attacks, from Trend Micro. Note that it warns that if you've been infected, it will be extremely difficult to clean the infection yourself. You'll have to have root privilege to the device and get help from your phone's manufacturer to flash the firmware.

The security firm Lookout claims that its Lookout software for Android and iOS can protect against Hacking Team attacks. It also has advice on its blog on how to look for an iOS infection.

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