‘Someone had an issue with this rack’

073015blog mutilated rack primary

Yes, indeed, someone had an issue with this rack. That assessment and the picture come from a reader of the Reddit section devoted to networking.

Here’s the full picture, followed by commentary from network professionals.

073015blog mutilated rack full Reddit/Juvey88 via Imgur


  • “Anyone who has ever worked with cage nuts has probably at least thought of doing that once in their lives.”
  • “Last time I had some folks racking in new equipment I handed them a bag of cage nuts and a box of Band-Aids. There will be blood.”
  • “Not all racks and server or equipment rails work well together. I have had to cut some clearance space in vertical posts before but it has always been in lower quality cages. … This however looks like someone was very upset at a piece of equipment and helped removal from the cage with their foot. I have felt that level of frustration before as well but didn't break any rail holes.”

A number of commenters noted that there are special tools available – such as this one – that prevent the need to shed blood or abuse equipment.

073015blog cage nut tool

But …

  • “It's amazing how many people don't know this.”
  • “I worked at a company that was growing SUPER fast so I was adding new gear and racks all the time, never knowing what that strange piece of metal was for. Then one day a sysadmin from a different office came in to help stand up some gear and he started using the tool. My mind was blown. Two companies and several years later and I've since shown numerous seasoned IT veterans what this piece of metal is for.”

It cuts down on cage rage and saves the company money on Band-Aids.


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