VMworld 2015

Hottest products at VMworld 2015

Peruse all the products being released at VMworld in San Francisco this week

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Hottest products at VMworld 2015

Virtualization, cloud, security are storage are among the hot trends of this year’s VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Check out the latest and greatest of the new products being announced or displayed by vendors at VMworld 2015.

unity edgeconnect vmware 2015

Unity EdgeConnect

Manufacturer name: Silver Peak

Pricing: $199 per month/per site

What it does: Unity EdgeConnect enables enterprises to reduce the cost and complexity of building a WAN by leveraging broadband to connect users to applications, also referred to as SD-WAN.

When it's available: Available now

soha vmware 2015

Soha Cloud

Manufacturer name: Soha Systems, Inc.

Pricing: $5.00 per user per month

What it does: Soha Cloud creates an AirGAP between your organization’s infrastructure and the Internet, reducing the attack surface to zero and making applications invisible to the public.

When it's available: Available now

paessler vmware 2015

PRTG Network Monitor

Manufacturer name: Paessler AG

Pricing: Pricing is free for 100-sensor license, starts at $1,600 for 500 sensors and increases with scale

What it does: IT and network monitoring system for SMBs and startups. Monitors health and performance of the entire infrastructure, including cloud and virtualized components. Has sensors to monitor VMware servers and virtual machines.

When it's available: Now

aerofs vmware 2015


Manufacturer name: Air Computing, Inc.

Pricing: Free up to 30 users; $15 per user per month thereafter

What it does: AeroFS provides private cloud file syncing and collaboration for enterprises, enabling IT to maintain control over company data while end users enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience.

When it's available: Available now

cloudmunch vmware 2015

CloudMunch CloudOps for the Hybrid Cloud

Manufacturer name: CloudMunch

Pricing: Pricing for CloudOps starts at $900 per month for small applications.

What it does: CloudMunch CloudOps enables enterprises to mange their DevOps at scale by building and managing infrastructure and applications in the hybrid cloud, helping teams orchestrate their DevOps via one dashboard, workspace and hub.

When it's available: Available now

kaminario vmware 2015

Kaminario K2 v5.5 all-flash array

Manufacturer name: Kaminario

Pricing: Average price point of $1/G usable

What it does: Kaminario’s K2 v5.5 offers an all-flash array using 3D TLC SSDs, native asynchronous replication and The Perpetual Array support program.

When it's available: End of Q3 2015

ecx vmware 2015

ECX 2.2

Manufacturer name: Catalogic Software

Pricing: Starts at $5000 per controller.

What it does: ECX delivers software-defined copy data management for VMware environments. ECX 2.2 features include CDM for IBM platforms, enhanced policy-based workflow automation, improved role-based access control and improved fault tolerance.

When it's available: Available now

veeam vmware 2015

Veeam Availability Suite v9

Manufacturer nameVeeam Software

Pricing: Priced per CPU socket, includes the first year of maintenance and support. MSRP $1,100 for Standard Edition, $1,700 for Enterprise and $2,400 for Enterprise Plus Edition.

What it does: Provides true data center availability with RTPO of 15 minutes or less. Features Veeam Cloud Connect with Replication, allowing service providers to offer DRaaS, integration with EMC snapshots and more!

When it's available: Q4 2015

kaspersky2 vmware 2015

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

Manufacturer name: Kaspersky Lab

Pricing: Kaspersky Lab licensing starts at $300 per year per core, $110 per year per server or $47.95 per year per virtual desktop. 

What it does: Kaspersky Security for Virtualization delivers advanced protection to VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtualization platforms. It includes cloud-assisted antivirus protection, exploit-prevention, application, device and web controls, firewall, vulnerability monitoring and more.

When it's available: Currently available

dataspheredata vmware 2015

DataSphere data virtualization platform

Manufacturer name: Primary Data

Pricing: Pricing starts at $25K/year on a subscription model

What it does: Primary Data’s DataSphere data virtualization platform offers dynamic data mobility across different storage tiers, including server flash, SAN, NAS and cloud storage.

When it's available: November 2015

softnas vmware 2015

SoftNAS for Service Providers

Manufacturer name: SoftNAS

Pricing: SoftNAS for Service Providers starts at $0.06 per GB-month, volume discounts apply

What it does: SoftNAS for Service Providers is a multi-tenant NAS replacement for service providers, enabling the use of inexpensive iSCSI and object storage. It is consumption-based with pay-as-you-go metered licensing.

When it's available: Available now

virtualizationmanager vmware 2015

Virtualization Manager

Manufacturer name: SolarWinds

Pricing: Starts at $2995 – with 1st-Year Maintenance

What it does: Virtualization Manager now includes management actions within the product dashboard for immediate remediation when performance, capacity or sprawl issues are identified, allowing IT pros to optimize performance of virtual machines around the clock.

When it's available: Available now

airsembly vmware 2015

AirSembly 2.0

Manufacturer name: AirVM

Pricing: Starts at $360/month

What it does: AirSembly is the cloud management platform purpose-built for managed service providers to resell cloud services. AirSembly has a new UI and supports vCloud Air and vCloud Director 8.0.

When it's available: September 2015

cloudcrusier vmware 2015

Cloud Cruiser 4

Manufacturer name: Cloud Cruiser

Pricing: Subscription based, starting as low as $25,000, depending on environment.

What it does: Cloud Cruiser now delivers an out-of-the-box set of templates for data mapping, reports and dashboards that help you monitor usage and save money when using AWS, Azure, Windows Azure Pack (WAP), VMware and Openstack.

When it's available: Now available

inceptionsx vmware 2015


Manufacturer name: Ravello Systems

Pricing: Ravello is delivered as a service, with usage based pricing starting at $0.14 per hour.

What it does: InceptionSX is an on-demand VMware ESXi lab on AWS and Google Cloud. It enables multi-node VMware lab environments in leading public clouds.

When it's available: Available now

apprenda vmware 2015

Apprenda on vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center)

Manufacturer name: Apprenda

Pricing: The base 16GB image is free

What it does: Apprenda has policy based service catalog that combined with vRealize Automation allows developers to automatically stand up and connect any solution, such as Cloudera, to their deployed applications.

When it's available: Now available.

3cx vmware 2015

3CX Phone System

Manufacturer name: 3CX

Pricing: 3CX Phone System is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that the company makes. All editions support an unlimited number of extensions. Pricing starts at $395 for four simulataneous calls, and scales up to more than $50,000 for more than 1,000 simultaneous calls for the Pro Edition.

What it does: 3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based PBX that leveraging SIP standards and has an integrated web conferencing solution based completely on WebRTC technology. 3CX is VMware Ready.

When it's available: New version available 1st September

allflashfas vmware 2015

All Flash FAS 8000 (AFF8000)

Manufacturer name: NetApp

Pricing: Prices start at US $25,000

What it does: NetApp’s AFF8000 makes all-flash systems ready for broad enterprise deployment and provides better long term ROI as a result of NetApp’s unique ability to seamlessly move data from flash to disk to cloud.

When it's available: Now Available

arcserve vmware 2015

Arcserve Cloud

Manufacturer name: Arcserve, LLC

Pricing: The Arcserve Cloud starts at $2695 per year for customers using the Arcserve UDP 7100 Appliance. Customers have the ability to purchase extra virtual standby by weeks (rather than annually) starting at $90 per week.

What it does: Arcserve Cloud offers offsite backup, archiving and disaster recovery. It’s fully integrated with the UDP Appliance.

When it's available: Available now

cloudgenix vmware 2015

CloudGenix ION

Manufacturer name: CloudGenix

Pricing: List prices start at $300 per month per remote office including product and support.

What it does: CloudGenix software-defined WAN revolutionizes networking – transforming packet-routed networks into a secure, application-defined fabric, and enables a unified hybrid WAN. With VMware and CloudGenix customers can achieve a software-defined branch.

When it's available: Available now

blue medora vmware 2015

Blue Medora VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for SAP

Manufacturer name: Blue Medora

Pricing: $1,250.00 per instance count

What it does: Provides a comprehensive perspective with VMware vRealize Operations, now integrated with SAP-based performance, health, and availability metrics. Also available for F5 BIG-IP.

When it's available: September 9, 2015

intelligent power vmware 2015

Intelligent Power Manager software version 1.5

Manufacturer name: Eaton

Pricing: IPM silver $1499, IPM Gold $2999

What it does: Eaton’s latest Intelligent Power Manager software version 1.5 builds on the robust platform, allowing data center and IT managers to organize and prioritize groups of VMs within vCenter.

When it's available: Available now

datacenter security vmware 2015

Data Center Security Suite

Manufacturer name: GuardiCore

Pricing: Starts at $25,000 per year

What it does: Detects, analyzes and provides automated response to attacks inside the data center. Its detection and analysis technology enables identification
and remediation of attacks ranging from worms to Advanced Persistent

When it's available: Available now

m51odc vmware 2015


Manufacturer name: Micron Technology

Pricing: M510DC – Pricing varies by quantity ordered and capacity size. (120GB priced around ~$150 – 960GB priced around ~$570). Pricing is aligned between Micron’s M600 and M500DC drives.

What it does: The M510DC iSSD offers TCG Enterprise-level hardware encryption, while providing a balance of performance, security, enterprise reliability, power and cost.

When it's available: Available now

omnicube vmware 2015

OmniCube CN-1200

Manufacturer name: SimpliVity

Pricing: $25,500 and up

What it does: SimpliVity’s OmniCube CN-1200 is ideal for ROBO and smaller deployments. It provides the full capabilities of SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform including Data Efficiency, Global Unified management, and Native Data Protection.

When it's available: Available now

onecloud vmware 2015

OneCloud Recovery (OCR)

Manufacturer nameOneCloud Software

Pricing: Subscription-based, list price $60/month/VM

What it does: Fully-automated disaster recovery for a VMware-based data center using AWS as a virtual disaster recovery data center. Only solution with built-in cloud cost optimization, delivering DR at 50-75% lower total cost than any other solution.

When it's available: Available now

cloud physics vmware 2015


Manufacturer name: CloudPhysics

Pricing: CloudPhysics Premium Edition is offered as an annual subscription. Pricing is $1000/host/year, which includes all support, future functionality, unlimited users, and unlimited historical data retention.

What it does: CloudPhysics delivers unique, meaningful insights, giving vSphere teams the confidence to act boldly to reduce risk and waste without compromising safety of the virtual infrastructure or the applications it supports.

When it's available: Available now

embotics vmware 2015

Embotics vCommander Release 5.5

Manufacturer name: Embotics

Pricing: Software subscription model based on the number of CPU sockets (on-prem) and cloud instances (off-prem). Starts at $1K/month and scales up based on the number of CPU sockets (on-prem) and/or cloud instances (in public clouds).

What it does: Commander 5.5 is the #1 Alternative to VMware vRA/vCAC, empowering enterprises and service providers to deliver platform-neutral ITaaS across private, public or hybrid environments., Fastest ROI in the CMP industry.

When it's available: Available now

permixdata vmware 2015

PernixData FVP 3.0

Manufacturer name: PernixData

Pricing: Starts at $2,500 per host

What it does: PernixData FVP software, a platform for storage and VM acceleration, leverages clustered high-speed server media to ensure the fastest application performance with seamless VM operations and complete fault tolerance.

When it's available: Available now

pluribus vmware 2015

Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux

Manufacturer name: Pluribus Networks, Inc.

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $1K-$10K per switch with three years of support for software only and $10K-25K for software and switch turnkey devices.

What it does: Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux is an operating system for industry-standard switches that creates a switching fabric which is managed as a single switch and is compatible with existing networks, management tools and processes.

When it's available: October 2015

primaryio vmware 2015

PrimaryIO APA for VMware

Manufacturer name: Primary IO

Pricing: MSRP: $4,950 per host

What it does: PrimaryIO APA for VMware delivers software-defined data services through vSphere APIs for IO Filtering to accelerate the performance of databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle and MongoDB up to 546%.

When it's available: Beta 9/2015; GA Q4/2015

solid fire vmware 2015

SolidFire All-Flash Scale-Out Storage Platform

Manufacturer name: SolidFire

Pricing: Starts just under $100,000

What it does: With its predictable and guaranteed performance, QoS, density and data reduction capabilities, SolidFire’s next-generation storage system changes the economics of the storage infrastructure needed to ensure a successful VDI buildout.

When it's available: Available now

zenoss vmware 2015

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 VMware NSX ZenPack

Manufacturer name: Zenoss, Inc.

Pricing: The NSX ZenPack is free with purchase of Zenoss Service Dynamics -- annual pricing starts of the service starts at $65.00 per managed resource.

What it does: The new Zenoss ZenPack for VMware NSX continues to extend the new Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 capabilities. It collects the network model from NSX Manager and monitors the health and performance of the various logical components. It supports VMware NSX used in both VMware vSphere and OpenStack environments.

When it's available: Available now

xangati vmware 2015

Xangati Virtual Appliance with VSAN Support

Manufacturer name: Xangati

Pricing: $25,000 to $50,000 to $75,000 based on the number of VMs, objects and/or virtual desktops monitoring, and dashboard instances.

What it does: Virtual Infrastructure performance data are collected with highly granular, second-by-second precision; Xangati will also correlate information from the hypervisor about the Virtual SAN-based datastore and its constituents (latency, throughput, IOPS).

When it's available: Available now

hitachi vmware 2015

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) 1000 for VMware EVO:RAIL

Manufacturer name: Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) 

Pricing: Price point, $192K is our list, which includes 3-years of Weekday-Basic support, the hardware, and the EVO:RAIL software bundle (vCenter Standard, vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSAN, Log Insight, and the EVO:RAIL DCM engine).

What it does: The UCP 1000 for VMware EVO:RAIL is a pre-built hyper-converged appliance designed for rapid, low-cost deployment of remote office, test/dev, virtual desktop and similar virtualized solutions.

When it's available: Available now

flocker vmware 2015

VMware vSphere Storage Driver for Flocker

Manufacturer name: ClusterHQ

Pricing: Free open source download

What it does: The VMware vSphere Storage Driver for Flocker is a pluggable storage driver for vSphere that provides portable and persistent shared storage for organizations using Docker containers in conjunction with VMware.

When it's available: Available now

a10 networks vmware 2015

A10 aCloud Services Architecture for VMware NSX controller

Manufacturer name: A10 Networks 4) Pricing (please be as specific as possible)

Price: Starting at $7,495

What it does: Integration of aCloud Services Architecture with VMware NSX ensures network and security policies are aptly applied on A10 appliances and enables enforcement of these policies on workflows entering virtual networks.

When it's available: Available now

loadmaster vmware 2015

LoadMaster plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator

Manufacturer name: KEMP Technologies

Pricing: Free download; The plugin can operate with any of the Virtual LoadMaster products, list price ranges from $1990 to $40,000

What it does: KEMP’s vRO is designed to speed time to market for applications via out-of-the-box automation workflows that give virtual infrastructure administrators the ability to dynamically publish and scale applications thereby reducing OPEX.

When it's available: Available now

superdomex vmware 2015

HP Integrity Superdome X Server

Manufacturer name: Hewlett Packard

Pricing: Starting at $70,000 USD (List)

What it does: HP Integrity Superdome X offers up to 16 processors and 12TB of memory. It’s designed for x86 availability, scalability and performance and to host critical business application workloads.

When it's available: Available today

cliqr vmware 2015

CliQr Integration with vCenter and NSX

Manufacturer name: CliQr

Pricing: Pricing is based on the number of virtual machines under management and starts at $900 per month using our SaaS while a dedicated installation requires additional licensing.

What it does: CliQr helps extend vCenter to any application or cloud, as well as integrates with NSX to utilize existing investments, enhance network performance, and apply policy based firewalls.

When it's available: Available now

veritas vmware 2015

Veritas NetBackup 7.7

Manufacturer name: Veritas

Pricing: Price starts at $3995 (MSRP for a 5-client Starter Pack).

What it does: The latest iteration of this backup solution introduces enhanced datacenter integration for VMware vSphere 6 and Microsoft Hyper-V, and support for hybrid-cloud deployments leveraging AWS, Google Nearline and more.

When it's available: Available now

barracuda vmware 2015

Barracuda Backup Vx

Manufacturer name: Barracuda

Pricing: Can be available at $1,800 per protected “front-end” TB per year.

What it does: An expansion of Barracuda Backup, Backup Vx is a virtual appliance that runs on either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, providing cloud-integrated complete data protection for physical, virtual, and SaaS environments.

When it's available: Available now

tintri vmware 2015

Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash Series

Manufacturer name: Tintri Inc.

Pricing: T5060: List price starting at $250K, up to 36TB capacity

T5080: List price starting at $370K, up to 73TB capacity

What it does: The T5000 guarantees high performance and low latency across the entire flash capacity while enabling VM-level management, replication, automation and analysis for every VM to keep storage simple.

When it's available: GA in September 2015.

veritas vmware 2015

Veritas Resiliency Platform

Manufacturer name: Veritas

Pricing: Starts at $421 per core; Starts at $352 per virtual machine; Discounts available

What it does: Veritas Resiliency Platform enables IT operations to deliver predictable service levels to the business while ensuring location independence, platform choice and operational simplicity.

When it's available: Available now

virtualsan vmware 2015

VMware Virtual SAN 6.1

Manufacturer name: VMware

Pricing: VMware Virtual SAN is priced at $2,495 per CPU. VMware Virtual SAN for Desktop is priced at $50 per user. An All-Flash architecture is available as on add-on to VMware Virtual SAN 6 and is priced at $1,495 per CPU and $30 per desktop.

What it does: Virtual SAN 6.1 will increase data protection with the new Stretched Cluster feature, enhanced vSphere Replication providing five-minute RPO, andintroduce vRealize Operations integration for capacity planning and root-cause analysis.

When it's available: Available now

vwmarensx vmware 2015

VMware NSX 6.2

Manufacturer name: VMware

Pricing: VMware NSX 6.2 can be purchased with either a perpetual or term license. List pricing for a perpetual license starts at USD $4,995 per CPU and list price for a term license starts at USD $34 per VM per month, with volume discounts available.

What it does: VMware NSX 6.2 adds capabilities that provide more control within and across data centers, deeper integration into physical infrastructure and improve advancements in day 2 operations and trouble shooting

When it's available: Available now

discovery vmware 2015

Discovery Series V2

Manufacturer name: DataGravity

Pricing: DG1100: $45,000, DG2200: $75,000, DG24000: $95,000

What it does: The Discovery Series V2 platform offers enhanced data security features at the point of storage, including content alerting and custom tagging, that let companies monitor and protect their unstructured data.

When it's available: Available now

hotlink vmware 2015

HotLink Cloud Management Express

Manufacturer name: HotLink Corporation

Pricing: $175 per workload per year for 150 workload

What it does: The new HotLink Cloud Management Express integrates, administrates, monitors and manages public and private cloud resources spanning AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, OpenStack, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM and vSphere, using VMware vCenter.

When it's available: Available now


NexGen N5 Hybrid Flash Array

Manufacturer name: NexGen Storage

Pricing: Starting at $55,000

What it does: NexGen N5 Hybrid Flash Array features PCIe flash and storage QoS. Includes new QoS Manager for vCenter providing converged VM-level data management including storage QoS at VM-level with VVol integration.

When it's available: Available now

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