VMworld 2015

VMware CEO hits on network virtualization reality, feuding with Cisco & the EMC Federation's future

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger heads into VMworld 2015 with the unified hybrid cloud on his mind

vmware ceo pat gelsinger vmworld

It’s an interesting time to be the CEO of VMware.

The company is one of the pioneers of the modern data center with its virtualization management software, which still holds a large market share. Now, it’s trying to convince customers to virtualize their storage and networking, too. What's more, VMware is building up its public cloud in an effort to square off against giants like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure,  and to help customers build out private clouds, it’s also offering converged infrastructure.

At the same time, rumors continue to swirl about what will happen to VMware as part of a possible shakeup to the EMC Federation.

As part of our ongoing IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Chief Content Officer of IDG U.S. Media John Gallant and Network World Senior Editor Brandon Butler sat down with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger ahead of the company’s annual trade show, VMworld 2015, to discuss all of these issues and more.

Brandon Butler (BB): What is the big message you’re hoping to get across at this year’s VMworld?

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