‘Unidentified adapter in my lab’

091115blog myster adapter1
Imgur (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

Spoiler alert: We’re pretty sure we know what this is pictured above – entirely thanks to Reddit – and you will, too, if you don’t stop reading this.

A user of the Reddit forum dedicated to networking, r/networking, asks: “We found an adapter and we aren’t sure what type of connection the male end is. Can any of you identify this for me?” Here are a couple more close-up views:

091115blog mystery adpter2 Imgur
091115blog mystery adapter3 Imgur

It didn’t take long for a consensus to emerge: “My guess is (it’s) a PCMCIA Ethernet card adapter.”

The comments were fun in part because so many of the participants seemed to take the discovery of this adapter – and their knowledge of it -- as evidence that they themselves have become ancient. The thing is apparently no more than 20 years old, yet you’d think the guy who found it had gone into his lab and stumbled upon a Model-T.

So it goes with modern technology.


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