iOS 9 release spurs upgrade of JAMF's Apple management suite

Apple is releasing iOS 9 today, and JAMF Software is ready with an updated version of Casper Suite, its management platform for Macs and iOS devices.

With the release of iOS 9, enterprises can expect an influx of user devices that have been upgraded to Apple’s newest mobile OS. As these upgraded iPhones and iPads are brought to work, it becomes IT’s job to support, secure and manage them.

With most enterprise technologies, an IT organization has an opportunity to investigate a new release and choose whether or not to deploy it, says Jason Wudi, CTO at JAMF Software. “Because of the user-first nature of the Apple environment, IT doesn’t get a choice. Those devices are going to show up whether IT wants them to or not.”

JAMF has its customers covered. The software maker today is releasing a new version of Casper Suite, its enterprise platform for managing Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices. The crux of the Casper Suite upgrade is same-day support for iOS 9 to ensure IT pros can handle devices running Apple's new operating system.

“The primary effort from us is making sure that IT has the tooling and the confidence that even if those devices show up, everything that they were doing still works,” Wudi says. “And if there’s anything new that the device can enable for them, that we have a path for making sure they can manage it.”

Casper Suite 9.8 offers inventory of all devices migrating to iOS 9 – migrations performed by end users or via device provisioning workflows – while retaining security standards. The new Casper Suite also supports settings and payloads added to iOS 9 configuration profiles, including: trust profiles for in-house enterprise apps, Apple Watch pairing and security, and data security with AirDrop.

Casper Suite 9.8 is available as a free upgrade for customers with up-to-date support and license agreements. Customers with on-premise deployments of Casper Suite can download the new release. Cloud users – which account for 20% to 25% of JAMF’s customer base -- will be upgraded automatically.

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