10 tried and true methods for breaking coder’s block

When veteran software developers have trouble writing code, they often turn to one (or more) of these sure-fire solutions to get it flowing again

We’ve all heard of writer’s block, but if you’re a programmer and been doing it long enough, chances are you’ve experienced a cousin of writer’s block, coder’s block.

Like writers, programmers can have hours or days (or longer) where they have trouble writing good code, or any code, for that matter. How do professional software developers break through coder’s block to ensure they can get the job done?

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This is a topic that developers often discuss, sharing methods and tips for getting their brains back on track. Based on input they’ve shared in various online forums, blogs, and websites, here are 10 methods that veteran programmers swear by to help break through the logjam and get the code flowing again.

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