AWS re:Invent 2015

What to watch for at AWS re:invent: Analytics, IoT and enterprises in the cloud

A sneak peak at what to expect from Las Vegas this week

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AWS re:Invent 2015

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Amazon Web Services’ annual re:Invent cloud conference kicks off this week in Las Vegas and already there are rumors as to what the company has up its sleeve.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that AWS will announce a data analytics product at its conference this year. Details so far are scant and the company is keeping quiet, but the move would be an unsurprising, yet potentially welcome addition to the company's broad array of cloud computing services.

AWS is already one of the leaders in the IaaS cloud market, which means a lot of companies are storing a lot of data in AWS's cloud. For AWS to offer an analytics service that integrates directly with data already stored in the company's cloud is almost a no-brainer.

It will bring AWS in competition with the plethora of companies already offering data analytics and will propel AWS into what is already a saturated market. Many vendors offer analytics services in AWS’s Marketplace, so it will be interesting to hear what specific use cases AWS envisions for its analytics service, if it does announce one, and how it competes with AWS’s current partners.

Expect another topic of discussion to be the vaunted Internet of Things movement. Fortune reports, according a memo it received, that AWS will announce an IoT initiative as well. This too would make sense for the company: With many devices all connected to the Internet, the cloud becomes a natural place to store and analyze data related to it. We’ll have to wait to see just what AWS’s specific role in this market will be. There are a number of IoT sessions on the re:Invent schedule though, so be prepared for some news in this realm.

One other thing I’ll be interested to see are how big enterprise companies are using AWS’s cloud. There are sessions by Coca Cola, GE, Walt Disney Company, Scholastic and many others – just what their use cases are for the public cloud will be fascinating to hear. As Microsoft and IBM continue to market their cloud offerings to enterprises, I’ll be curious to hear how the Fortune 500 are using AWS.

Of course it wouldn’t be a cloud conference without talk of application containers, so expect to hear about the latest and greatest from AWS on that end as well.

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