5 practical project management certifications

As in most fields, pursuing a project management certification can be as murky as a bowl of alphabet soup. Here’s how to determine which PM certification offers you the knowledge needed for real-world application and promising job prospects.

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MPM (Master Project Manager)

The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM), founded in 1996, is a Global Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for project management industry professionals. The AAPM has developed the Master Project Manager (MPM) certification similar to PMI’s PMP certification. This certification is for senior business professionals, project and program managers who are looking to fortify their project management knowledge in the business world through professional certification. Similar to PMI and IAPPM, there are prerequisites that provide some assurances that the applicant has demonstrated some level of knowledge and experience before obtaining the certification, although not as rigorous. 

Prerequisites for the MPM:

  • 3+ years of project management experience.
  • Applicants are required to submit the resume to the Board for review and approval.
  • Applicants that have less than three years project management experience they may be granted a waiver if they hold a Master’s degree, possess other approved training, have a military background or are project management trainers.

The cost for the application is $300, no exam fee is required.

AAPM also offers a Certified International Project Manager (CIPM) and a Project Manager E-Business (PME) certification.

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