Technology scares the hell out of people, university survey finds

chapman university fear survey
Chapman University

Technology-related concerns account for 3 of the top 5 biggest fears among Americans surveyed recently by Chapman University of Orange, Calif. -- and a couple of the other concerns on the top 10 list could be considered tech-related worries as well.

Number 1 on the list, according to the online survey of more than 1,500 adults, is Corruption of Government Officials, while technology-related concerns ranked #2 (Cyber-terrorism), #3 (Corporate tracking  of personal information) and #5 (Government tracking of personal information). Numbers 7 (Identity theft) and #10 (Credit card fraud) could also be classified as tech-related worries.

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"The top fears are heavily based in economic and 'big brother' type issues," according to a statement from Christopher Bader, Ph.D., who led the team effort. "People often fear what they cannot control, and technology and the future of our economy are two aspects of life that Americans find very unpredictable at the moment."

Overall, those surveyed expressed the most fear about man-made disasters, with technology-related topics second among their biggest worries. Fears identified also fell into categories such as environment, daily life and crime.

Other tech-related fears cited in the survey were Robots Replacing Workforce and Trusting Artificial Intelligence to do Work. So people are worried about the future of their jobs.

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