Amazon’s newest cloud competitor is familiar foe: Wal-Mart

These companies can't seem to get along, even in the cloud


Amazon and Wal-Mart must really not like each other.

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Not only are they going head to head in the retail market, but according to The New York Times, Wal-Mart is now taking aim at Amazon Web Services in the cloud too.

Wal-Mart has embraced open source tools like OpenStack to build its own cloud instead of going all-in on public cloud services. It does use some outsourced data center capacity for peak loads, however.

Today Wal-Mart is opening up its cloud platform for others to use too. It is open sourcing its OneOps cloud platform in the hopes that other organizations will use it, improve upon the technology and let the greater open source community benefit from it.

These companies just can’t seem to not compete with each other.

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