6 tips for working with IoT and big data

Tips for working with IoT data

Is your company looking to get started with IoT and big data, or are you looking to improve on how you’re handling it now? Here are six tips from the pros that should help anyone:

Clearly define your business goals before beginning a project. If you don’t clearly define what business benefits you expect to gain, there’s a chance the project will likely take a very long to deploy, says Vin Sharma, Intel’s Director of Strategy for Big Data Analytics, Data Center Group. Crisp, clear definitions of the business problem and hoped-for solution, on the other hand, lead to smooth deployments.

Use the right people. Data scientists are in short supply and get very sizable salaries. But you don’t need to hire data scientists, says Andrew Brust, Senior Director of Technical Product Marketing and Evangelism at Datameer, a big data Analytics and Visualization company. Instead, look at your existing staff for people with data warehouse and IT experience, and are willing to learn, and train them.

Be smart about data capture. Carefully design exactly how you’ll capture IoT data. GE, for example, uses small data-collection appliances that determine what kinds of data to collect, what protocols to use for collection, and how the data should be stored.

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