Examining 5 Presidential candidates’ support from tech company employees

Review of political contributions shows there must be some good debates around the water cooler.

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Money talks

In a review of the Presidential candidates’ latest campaign finance reports, which list employee donations by company, we found seven tech companies that were common across most of the five candidates examined. Here’s a look at how much employees have contributed since the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson began.

For a full list of employees’ donations by company, see our interactive chart.

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Employees of Cisco doled out $7,190 for the five candidates. Clinton got the majority of that money with contributions totaling $4,175. Fiorina and Carson received more than $1,400 each while Sanders and Trump received paltry sums of $350 and $250 respectively.

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Dell employees (and we’re not talking EMC workers here yet…) contributed $4,959 to the five candidates’ campaigns. Clinton once again led the way with $3,230. Only Carson garnered more than $1,000 among the others.

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The Redmond contingent are big fans of Clinton, as she took in $12,196, of a total of $18,440 for the five candidates. Microsoft employees identified in the donation filings are decidedly Democrat as they contributed $3,814 to Sanders as well, but left Trump with only $200. Fiorina received $1,650. Clinton also received $3,200 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Clinton reaped the most money from donors identified as Oracle employees, with $6,315 out of a total of $8,245. Carson got $1,087.

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Hillary Clinton cleaned up at Apple with $27,490 in donations. Trump, meanwhile, got shut out. Carson and Fiorina didn’t do much better, combining to collect just $125.

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Perhaps HP employees felt Fiorina got enough from them as CEO of the company from 1999 to 2005, when she was forced out after a combined HP and Compaq failed to meet expectations. Sanders pulled in $36,849 in donations from those identified as HP employees, while Fiorina took in $1,877. Trump’s campaign came up empty.

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Clinton led the pack with $9,863 from IBM employees. Carson, Fiorina and Sanders split $5,521 between them, and Trump got nothing.

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