Robots invade the real world

real world robots 1

From C-3PO to the Terminator to Star Trek’s Data, robots have entertained us on the big screen for years. But, unlike our cinematic cyborg heroes, the real thing has been something of a disappointment because the technology has failed to live up to the Hollywood hype. But this is not true anymore. Robots have arrived.

“Things are moving fast,” says Catherine Simon, president and CEO of InnoEcho, a high tech, robotics consulting firm that also hosts Innorobo, Europe’s only international robotics summit. “If we think too short-term, robotics can be scary, as autonomous machines are increasingly entering our workspace, displacing and, sometimes, replacing human workers. Nevertheless, there is no going back: everyone agrees that, in the mid to long term, robotics will forever change the way we live.

According to Simon, Innorobo 2015 showcased 350 visionaries from the worldwide robotics industry, which included hundreds of products in the fields of medicine, communications, transportation, warehousing, utilities, infrastructure, education, and more.

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