Amazon poster-child Netflix's new tool manages other clouds too

New cloud management tool that Netflix open sourced works on Amazon and Google, Azure soon

For years Netflix has been a poster-child customer of Amazon Web Services. The company is unabashed in its use of, and admiration for, Amazon’s massive IaaS cloud.

Today, the company showed signs that it’s supporting other clouds too.

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Netflix today released Spinnaker as an open source project. The software allows Netflix engineers to automate the delivery of workloads to clouds, including AWS. It works on Google Cloud Platform too and support for Microsoft Azure is coming soon.

Spinnaker is a Continuous Delivery Platform that configures infrastructure necessary for deploying code. “Spinnaker facilitates the creation of pipelines that represent a delivery process that can begin with the creation of some deployable asset (such as an machine image, Jar file, or Docker image) and end with a deployment,” a blog states. It’s now an open source project that anyone can play around with on GitHub.

Perhaps most interesting about it though is that it’s not an AWS-specific service, like many of Netflix’s other tools. 

So is Netflix moving on from AWS? A spokesperson for the company said it has no plans to migrate significant workloads off of AWS. “The implementation of this tool is to innovate and better serve our AWS needs, providing continuous delivery and faster deployments,” adding that Netflix has no plans to use Spinnaker with other cloud providers.

Netflix developed functionality for Spinnaker to support Google and Azure down the line because other users of the open source platform may be interested in using it  on those competing cloud platforms, said Netflix spokesperson Marlee Tart.


This story was updated with comments from a Netflix spokesperson.

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