Worth repeating: Entering your bank PIN in reverse does NOT summon police

ATM data entry

Security vendor Kasperky Lab yesterday issued this reminder as part of its “fact or fiction” series: No matter what you may have read on Facebook, entering your bank PIN in reverse will not summon the police.

From the Kaspersky post:

This urban legend is over a decade old and consistently makes it’s rounds on the Internet. Surprisingly, a lot of social media users care so much about this topic that they continually share this old tale with their friends, urging them to READ IT RIGHT AWAY!

As it goes with all urban legends, there is a grain of truth in this myth. The idea of ’emergency code’ for ATMs had been hatched some time ago and is obviously where the myth originated.

The short explanation is that while the idea may sound good in theory, it comes with too many downsides to be practical.

If you’re interested in reading more about how the myth originated, here’s a Buzzblog post about it from May 13, 2013.

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