AT&T response to critics of iPad-toting techs comes up short

AT&T logo on Boston store
Nick Barber

A post here Wednesday headlined “Networking pros slam AT&T for arming techs with iPads instead of laptops” was lacking a response from AT&T until one arrived yesterday afternoon. And while that reply was added to the post yesterday, I believe it’s worth repeating here for those who may have missed it.

"In 2010, we began transitioning our field technicians to handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This made our techs more agile and moved their capabilities forward by enabling a suite of applications they could use on-site to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. While a majority of our techs only use handheld devices, others who handle special services use a range of tools including laptops. In situations where a handheld device is not sufficient, we ensure our techs are able to get the tools and equipment needed."

About that last point: No they don’t. If they did ensure their techs are fully equipped there wouldn’t be a parade of networking professionals complaining.

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