‘Our Christmas tree at the office’

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Because who hasn’t wanted to make a Christmas tree out of wireless access points?

From the section of Reddit devoted to networking, we get this magnificent specimen submitted by user  “Suddenly_a_Mexican:”

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And here is an explanation from Reddit user “d0manic,” apparently a co-worker:

“The tree is comprised of 14, (Cisco Aironet) 1702i APs and the 'star' AP is a 2702i which permits it to also flash blue. These are all associated to a 2504 Wireless LAN Controller going to a POE switch behind the tree. The command "config ap led-state flash indefinite [ap name]" makes them all flash the way they do.

“The controller is associated with Cisco Prime Infrastructure which we can also use to issue random lighting effects on a scheduled basis. All radios are turned off except the top one which broadcasts at low power, "Christmas Tree".

“The construction supplies were about $50 and it bends at the center for portability. The APs themselves were about $300ish apiece except for the 2700 which was closer to $500ish (you can do the math).”

Someone did and came up with $4,750 for an answer. Not clear who footed the bill.

Among the comments: “It Came Upon a Midnight Clearchannel” and “spanning tree protocol.”

And, of course, the AP tree inspired at least one would-be imitator:

“Holy crap, that is so awesome. …  Now I'm frantically running around trying to find a POE switch to plug all these into.” These being:

121615blog box of access points Imgur

You know you want to.

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