Secrets of disruptive CIOs: Investing in tomorrow has little to do with 'keeping the lights on'

Jim Houghton, CSC CSC

Jim Houghton, Chief Technology Officer for the Americas Region, CSC

CIOs have an opportunity to play a more strategic or transformative role within the enterprise than ever before, Jim Houghton, CSC's Chief Technology Officer for the Americas Region, told the audience at CIO Perspectives in November. Instead of just aligning with the business, CIOs can become strategic, disruptive forces driving change and growth for the business.

In his keynote address, Houghton discussed how after years of belt tightening, CIOs are now investing in tomorrow. He also shared results from the CSC Global CIO Survey (conducted with IDG Research Services), that show how “innovative technology executives plan to lead their companies into a brighter business future.”

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