Leaked roadmap points to new 4-inch iPhone in April

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston
Blair Hanley Frank

Earlier this month, you might remember a rumor suggesting that Apple may be planning to hold a special media event this March where the company will take the wraps off of, not one, but two new products.

In addition to showcasing the Apple Watch 2, Apple will reportedly showcase a new 4-inch iPhone model which has been prematurely dubbed the iPhone 6c. While nothing with Apple is ever a sure thing until an official announcement is made, some of the more interesting details surrounding the rumored device include the following: the iPhone 6c will be something of a souped up iPhone 5s. That said, the device will feature an A9 processor and support for Apple Pay thanks to an NFC chip. Additionally, the iPhone 6c camera will reportedly be the same as the iPhone 5s'. Lastly, it's worth pointing out that the rumored iPhone 6c will not come with support for 3D Touch, the flagship feature Apple introduced with the iPhone 6s earlier this year.

From a materials perspective, we've seen reports that the iPhone 6c will be made out of aluminum and will not feature the plastic design Apple previously used on the iPhone 5c.

Bolstering these rumors, the Chinese-language website MyDrivers posted a screenshot today which purports to show China Mobile's 2016 roadmap. And listed on the slide? An April 2016 release date for a device dubbed the iPhone 7c.

Again, this aligns quite well with the aforementioned rumors pointing to Apple releasing a smaller and more affordable iPhone model in early 2016. For what it's worth, it's likely that the '7c' moniker is a mistake given that it would be completely out of character for Apple to jump the gun on its iPhone 7 naming cycle.

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