Targeted advertising fails to account for a change of circumstances

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Paul McNamara

“Start snowblower” – as in make sure the snow blower starts – had been on my to-do list since before Thanksgiving, but it took an inch of slush on the driveway to get me off my backside.

The machine would not start. Not the day it kinda-sorta snowed; not the next day; not a third. And since the snowblower is more than 15 years old and cost me a minor repair bill last year, I figured it was time to look for a new one, which I did … online.

As we would all expect these days, my browsing brought a blizzard of snowblower ads to my Facebook and Twitter pages … and everywhere else, in fact.

Before committing major dollars to a new machine, I figured I’d give the old one a final try … and, perhaps having sensed my online activity, the engine roared to life. Now I’m figuring it’s good for at least another year.

Yet those snowblower ads they keep following me around the Internet.

Guess the only way I can make them go away is to shop for something else.

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