VMware’s Casado warns Congress of “insufficient” national cyber defenses

Tools like VMware’s NSX can limit blast radius of cyber attacks

VMware’s networking and security chief Martin Casado – a forefather of the software defined networking movement – testified before Congress last week that the country’s cyber security defenses are “insufficient.”

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Mr. Casado goes to Washington

Virtual networking tools that prevent hackers from moving freely across distinct networks in a data center could be a way to reduce the damages caused by attackers, added Casado, who is senior vice president and general manager of VMware's Networking and Security business unit. Casado testified before a Joint Hearing of the House Science and Technology Subcommittees on Oversight and Research & Technology on Jan. 8.

The Daily Caller reported on Casado’s testimony:

“Without a doubt, we are currently engaged in an escalating cyber arms race with entities that are methodical, sophisticated and effective,” Casado told the panels. “They will continue to probe our cyber infrastructure for vulnerabilities and they will continue to exploit our agencies’ networks whenever possible.”

“It is clear to our nation and to those who perpetuate these attacks that the way in which we protect our national cyber infrastructure, the way in which we design and deploy cyber security systems across federal agencies is insufficient.”

Casado recommended switching to a cybersecurity method that would limit a hacker’s movements to just one section after breaching an agency’s network. He also suggested the federal government invest in better cybersecurity technology.

Said another way: To protect the U.S., buy NSX!

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