Apple iPhone rumor rollup: bite-sized iPhone 5e on the way?

Latest iPhone rumors out of Asia are that "enhanced" Apple smartphone could be just around the corner

Numerous reports out of Asia point to Apple rolling out a 4-inch iPhone 5e this spring, and Apple bloggers are all atwitter.

Speculation over Apple keeping a fresh 4-inch phone in its increasingly bigger-display smartphone line-up has run hot and cold for months, with previous rumors referring to an iPhone 6c or 7c, in line with the existing 5c. Apple introduced only the larger (4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) this past fall, much to the chagrin of those who prefer a more compact Apple device.

The iPhone 5c accounted for 8.5% of iPhones shipped as of September, according to marketing and analytics company Localytics.

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Apple watchers like Apple Insider and MacRumors have been pulling information and translating from sites such as cnBeta and MyDrivers to piece together the latest on a possible small iPhone.

MacRumors, citing cnBeta (which claims to have gotten its info from Apple supplier Foxconn), runs through the highlights, including the notion that Apple might name such a phone iPhone 5e, with "e" standing for "enhanced."

The phone is said to be powered by an A8 chip, the sort of 64-bit processor used in devices like the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4. Storage would be 16GB to start, with a 64GB option, and RAM would be 1GB. It will borrow the iPhone 5s 8mp rear-facing camera. VoLTE calling and Apple Pay are also said to be in the cards for this device.

Over at Apple Insider, which cites China's MyDrivers, the site notes that the iPhone 5e is reportedly already in production at Foxconn.  Apple Insider goes on to state:

Though it will look largely like an iPhone 5s, reports have suggested the design won't be completely unchanged. Specifically, it's expected the new, smaller iPhone will feature "2.5D" cover glass, or slightly curved like on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, rather than the flat "2D" cover glass on the iPhone 5s.

If indeed the new small iPhone will debut in March, be assured the rumors about it won't stop between now and then. After all, there are still plenty of lowercase letters to attach to its name.

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