Robotic falconry to foil unwanted drones

Patrol drones to net intruder drones for airspace control

Described as “Robotic Falconry”, a new way to deal with drones that need to be removed from the air has been demonstrated by Michigan Tech.

What’s so neat about this solution to controlling unwanted drones in your airspace is that the system, which uses a net that is fired at the target drone from another drone, snags the intruder and then hauls it away to a secure area so that any payload (for example, drugs or explosives)  can be dealt with. Here's the system in testing:

According to Michigan Tech News:

[The researchers] Rastgaar and Ficanha have filed for a patent on this drone catcher system and think that it could have several potential applications, from foiling spy drones, smugglers and terrorists to supporting federal regulations.

“The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] has just announced that drones must be registered, and we think the catcher could help enforce the law by catching unregistered drones,” [Rastgaar] said. 

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