Best iPhone 7 concept designs of 2016 so far

They're sleek, they're flexible, they sometimes look like Android phones: Meet the iPhone 7 concept design gang!

Best iPhone 7 concept designs of 2016 so far
Deviant Art

Apple iPhone fans have barely had a chance to snuggle up to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and already the iPhone 7 concept designs are spilling forth.

Here's a look at some of the nicer ones. We'll add to the list as more arise.


This video from puts its focus on a borderless display and a flexible iOS 10 that enables the user to customize the space to the max. The home button disappears when not being used...



This model courtesy of Geert Van Uffelen is all about the sleekness (2.5D screen) -- and the plinky piano music!


The prolific designer Arthur Reis has put forth this iPhone 7 design, with video editing by the equally prolific Ran Avni. The concept shines with different colors and a polished stainless steel body, not to mention a strong sapphire screen. Inside, Reis envisions a 4x faster CPU and GPU, both protected by a watertight seal.



This concept video from ConceptsiPhone and SCAVidsHD technically debuted late in 2015, but I figured it was still worth including in here, for originality's sake. It’s a review of the iPhone 7 Edge – a non-existent device with a name that obviously borrows from Samsung’s Galaxy Edge products. But that didn’t stop these guys from showcasing this 5.5-inch phone with a 2K curved display, A10 chip, surround sound speakers and more.

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