How to store all your photos in the cloud … for free

Many online services offer unlimited free cloud photo storage

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Did you know you can store all of your photos in the cloud - for free? Of course there are caveats. Some services are ad-supported, or will compress your files. If that’s not for you, there are other services offering smaller amounts of free cloud photo storage with options of ad-free, paid plans for uncompressed photos and videos.

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But be sure to check with individual providers (listed here alphabetically) on their offerings because details change frequently.



Free storage: 10 GB

Box traditionally markets itself as a business cloud storage service, but it also offers a consumer-grade cloud storage service that will work for storing any sort of files, including photos. Box offers and introductory 10GB of free cloud storage upon registration.

More information: Box



Free Storage: 15 GB

Copy is the cloud storage service from IT vendor Barracuda Networks offering 15 GB of free storage. Paid plans start at $4.99/month for 200 GB or 1 TB for $9.99/month.

More information: Copy



Free storage: 2 GB

One of the most well-known consumer cloud storage services has a photo storage app named Carousel, but as of March 2016, DropBox is discontinuing the app for iOS and Android. Users can now store their photos and videos among any other data stored in DropBox. Paid plans start at $9.99/month for 1 TB of storage. Users can get extra free space by referring friends and automatically uploading photos taken on devices to the cloud.

More information: Dropbox



Free photo storage: Unlimited

The social media site is a haven for posting selfies and your latest updates. It can also be used as a photo storage service. Users can create an unlimited number of albums, which can hold up to 1,000 images each.

More information: Facebook



Free storage: 1 TB

Flickr, owned by Yahoo, has one of the most generous free cloud storage offerings for photos, giving users 1 TB of free photo storage space. The site is designed specifically for photo management, so it includes basic editing tools. Flickr does compress photos, however, so there is a 200 MB limit per photo. Customers can pay $49.99 for ad-free viewing of photos or $5.99 per month. An extra 1 TB of storage is $499/year.

More information: Flickr

google photos

Google Photos

Free storage: Unlimited compressed images

In 2015 Google announced Photos, its newest app that automatically indexes pictures, allowing users to perform advanced searches on their libraries. Unlimited compressed photo storage is free with a Google email address. For $10/month users can store up to 1 TB of uncompressed or raw photos.

More information: Google photos


iCloud Photos

Free storage: 5 GB

Apple’s cloud storage synchronizes photos across iOS devices. Paid plans start at $0.99/month for 50 GB; 1 TB is $9.99/mo.

More information: Apple iCloud



Free storage: 10 GB

Texas-based MediaFire offers 10 GB of advertisement-supported cloud storage on a service that’s optimized for photos. It’s got an attractive paid plan too, with 1 TB of storage starting at $3.79/mo. 100 TB costs $39.99/month with a year-long contract.

More information: MediaFire



Free storage: 50 GB

The cloud service founded by Kim Dotcom (who is no longer involved in the company) offers 50 GB of free cloud storage space, which can be used for photos, documents or pretty much anything else. The service’s claim to fame is that all data stored in Mega is encrypted, with users controlling their keys. Up to 4 TB of storage costs just $9 from the company, which is based in New Zealand.

More information: Mega



Free storage: Up to 10 GB

This service includes 2 GB free, with an extra 8 GB free for downloading the company's Apple or Android App. Beyond that, priced options start at 20 GB for $2.99/month; 500 GB is $39.99/month. An ad-free version of viewing photos is $0.99. Photobucket also specializes in printing photos on calendars, mugs, pillows, etc. so be prepared for a lot of ads for that when using their service.

More information: Photobucket



Free storage: 10 GB

pCloud offers 10 GB of free storage and up to another bonus 10GB through referrals. Paid plans start at $3.99/month for 500 GB, or $7.99/month for 1 TB.

More information:pCloud



Free storage: 5 GB

Microsoft’s cloud storage platform comes with 1 TB of storage space for Office 365 users. New users can get 5 GB of free cloud storage upon signing up. Office 365 plans start at $6.99 per month.

More details: Microsoft OneDrive



Free storage: Unlimited

Shoebox is a Canadian startup founded in 2012 that offers unlimited compressed photo storage. For $5 per month, users can store photos of any size.

More information: Shoebox



Free storage: 20 GB

Streamnation is a cloud service dedicated to digital media, such as photos, videos, movies and television shows. It comes with 20GB of free storage, but up to 100 GB is $4/month with a one-year contract. Up to 1 TB is $14/month with a one-year contract. Streamnation recently purchased photo storage site PictureLife, which offers 8 GB of free storage.

More information: Streamnation

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