11 cloud trends that will dominate 2016

Five industry insiders predict the trends that will shape the cloud market this year.

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Sanjay Beri, founder and CEO of enterprise cloud app security specialist Netskope, predicts these trends will dominate the cloud in 2016:

  • IT assumes the role of innovation brokers. "Cloud adoption will peak and shift the role of IT from system fixers to innovation brokers as IT professionals develop new productivity tools and proactive policies to help enterprises make use of the cloud," Beri says.
  • The Cloud Access Security Broker market becomes hot, hot, hot. "The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market will emerge as the hottest market in enterprise IT after nearly $1 billion in M&A activity in the latter half of 2015 alone," he adds.

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Rohit Gupta, founder and CEO of cloud security automation specialist Palerra predicts:

  • Vendors provide APIs on Demand. "We expect to see cloud vendors selling APIs as new revenue streams," Gupta says. "SaaS, PaaS and IaaS vendors will be pressured to provide rich sets of APIs, enabling security vendors and application vendors to provide value added services."

Tomer Okavi, CISO for Pepperi, a specialist in B2B mobile sales automation, predicts:

  • Security standards for the cloud emerge. "With an increasing number of organizations relying on cloud services, 2016 will witness the formation of a baseline for security standards in the cloud, enabling even greater migration to the cloud and compelling enterprises to integrate cloud based services into their IT resources," Okavi says.

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Amit Pandey, CEO of Avi Networks, a specialist in delivering enterprise applications via the cloud and mobile, predicts:

  • The enterprise will be able to achieve "public cloud-like" flexibility, agility and scale in the data center. "Low cost computing infrastructure, seamless scaling of applications, and easy integration into development practices have largely been confined to public cloud services like Amazon AWS," Pandey says. "A nexus of forces including the maturing of OpenStack implementations, container tools/implementations (such as Mesosphere, Docker, and CoreOS), and software-defined networking will lead to enterprises achieving cloud-like capabilities in-house."
  • Cyberattacks and data breaches in the cloud could go from perception to reality. "The International working group on cloud resiliency monitors downtimes and security risks in the cloud," Pandey says. "So far no major security breaches or significant availability challenges have affected the cloud. Yet, security challenges are often cited as a reason that enterprises are hesitant to move their computing to the cloud. So far these security concerns have primarily been driven by perception with data center security breaches far exceeding any such events in the cloud. However, as more and more businesses adopt the cloud and a greater share of confidential data and apps are put in the cloud by users, security challenges (DDoS or other cyberattacks), data loss and potential outages can increase."

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