25 Valentine's Day gifts for your favorite geeks

Check out Valentine's Day gift ideas inspired by tech, science and math

valentines day 2016
Steve Sauer

Think different

Flowers, jewelry, candy – we've found geeky versions of today's go-to Valentine's Day gifts for sweethearts who dig science, math and technology.

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couple cookie cutter
Copy Pastry

Bake your heart out

Imagine a custom cookie cutter ($73.13) inspired by a photo of you and your Valentine. Etsy shop Copy Pastry uses 3D printing to make it happen.

geeky bracelet set

Imperfect love

No one's perfect, and these aluminum bracelets celebrate the flaws in all of us. The set ($30 from Etsy shop KnotworkShop) includes three bangles, hand-stamped with "still in beta," "glitchy," and "404 not found."

hydro planter
Modern Sprout

Just add water

There’s no soil in this top-fed hydroponic system, which uses a pump to move water and nutrients from a reservoir up to plant roots, where the roots take what they need and the rest is returned to the reservoir. Users can pre-program a feeding schedule based on the types of plants they’re growing. The three-pot hydro planter with a chalkboard finish is $139 from Modern Sprout.

slide rule cuff
Neurons Not Included

Retro rules

Go for old-school geekery with the slide rule cuff ($25) from Etsy shop Neurons Not Included. The design is printed onto the aluminum bracelet, which can be adjusted to fit.

hubble image 25th anniversary
NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

To the moon and back

Think big without breaking the bank. Gallery-quality images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope can be downloaded for free. Send the files to a print lab, and you can have breathtaking prints for just a few dollars. Pictured is an image of the star cluster Westerlund 2.

heart tablet stand
Neat Niche in Wood

Have a heart

Simple and elegant, the heart tablet stand ($25) from Etsy shop Neat Niche in Wood is handmade from kiln-dried tulipwood and finished with a mix of paint and metallic waxes.

harley pajamas

Crazy love

Inspired by DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, these ombre pajama pants have the supervillain’s three-diamond logo on the left hip. Grab ‘em while they’re on sale: $19.99 via ThinkGeek.

dandelion chocolate class
Dandelion Chocolate

Chocolate 101

Instead of buying chocolates that will be gone in a flash, how about treating your valentine to a chocolate-making class? If you’re in the San Francisco area, Dandelion Chocolate is the place to go. Classes start at $50.

morse code necklace
Crave Jewelry Design

Short and sweet

Share a sweet sentiment with a customized Morse code necklace from Etsy shop Crave Jewelry Design. The square pendant ($50) will fit up to 12 characters – so brevity counts. 

patent posters

Patently cool

Etsy shop PatentPrints offers all kinds of posters and t-shirts with illustrations of patents that made history – from Polaroid cameras ($7 for an 8x10 print) and boom boxes ($7 for an 8x10 print) to deep sea diving suits and Gibson guitars.

robot id badge holder
Orange Blossoms

Be my robot

Jazz up your valentine’s business attire with a robot ID badge holder ($6.75 via Etsy shop Orange Blossoms). Beneath the covered button is a plastic badge reel with a retractable cord that’s roughly 24 inches long.

cassiopeia constellation necklace
Largento Lab

Starry nights

Give your gal the stars with a Cassiopeia constellation necklace. The oval pendant is made from silver, and you can choose the color of the titanium stars and hoop ($45 from Etsy shop Largento Lab).

coffee fingerless gloves
Zen And Coffee

For the love of coffee

Is your valentine hooked on java? Celebrate the love with caffeinated arm warmers ($36) from Etsy shop Zen And Coffee, which makes a slew of unique arm warmers and fingerless gloves.

atelier by ella mobile
Atelier By Ella

Going mobile

Ponder the physics or simply enjoy the poetry of Atelier By Ella’s paper mobiles. The kinetic hanging mobile ($67 via Etsy) is the perfect hue for Valentine’s Day.

mollaspace storage boxes

Retro reorg

Create a retro vibe – and hide the clutter -- with canvas storage bins from MollaSpace. They’re designed to look like a clock, radio, speaker, TV, and sets of books and encyclopedias (prices range from $10 to $20 for individual lidded bins).

steel orchid bracelet

Flower power

A 3D-printed flower bracelet won't wilt like most floral arrangements. Designed by AndreeChenier, the steel orchid bracelet in polished gold steel is $165 via Shapeways.

heart measuring spoons
Beehive Handmade

Cooking with hearts

A spoonful of sugar is even sweeter when it comes from hand-cast heart measuring spoons ($48), created by Etsy shop Beehive Handmade.

ora pendant
Bathsheba Sculpture

Organic inspiration

Unusual and intriguing – if that’s your valentine’s style, go for the 3D-printed Ora pendant from Bathsheba Sculpture, a Shapeways shop ($30 for the polished bronze steel version).

3d printed geometric planter

12-faced planter

Savor the geometric symmetry of the dodecahedron planter ($17.95 from Etsy shop MeshCloud), made from 3D-printed plastic. The upper bars provide support for sprawling desk plants.

we found each other puzzle
Uncommon Goods

Love you to pieces

Do you remember where you met your valentine? Capture the scene in a custom We Found Each Other puzzle ($129 via Uncommon Goods). Each 300-piece jigsaw puzzle displays an aerial view of a one-square-mile location.

labyrinthine die6
Made by Wombat

Lucky dice

Chuck Stover is the creative talent behind Made by Wombat, a Shapeways shop that specializes in 3D-printed dice. You can trace a single path through the maze that defines his labyrinthine die ($54 for the polished bronze steel version); the maze travels from the "1" side to the "6" side, passing through each of the numbers in order.

fingerless heart gloves

Cold hands, warm heart

Need to text or type? Help your valentine stay warm yet dextrous with fingerless heart gloves ($32) from Etsy shop Talkingloves.

fossil leaf cuff
Uncommon Goods

Flora that won’t fade

Lisa and Sean Reico created the fossil leaf cuff from dried leaves encased between two panels of eco-friendly resin ($34 via Uncommon Goods).

labyrinth bitmap blanket

Pixilated textiles

Keep your Valentine cozy with the Labyrinth Deep Orange Bitmap Blanket ($395 via A+R). The creator is Spanish artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga, whose collection of digitally patterned blankets depicts some of his favorite cities.

ue roll speaker
Ultimate Ears

Roll with it

The UE ROLL ($99.99 from Ultimate Ears) is a rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s designed to be dunked, dropped and tossed while you’re on the go. It comes with a bungee cord so you can hang or strap it to whatever’s convenient.

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