Review: Top Android Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzers for under $10

In this review, we look at eight Android Wi-Fi stumbler and analyzer apps for less than $10. All are available on the official Google Play store. We compared the products based on their GUI, features and functionality.

All the Wi-Fi apps we tested will show you a list of nearby service set identifiers (SSIDs) or access points along with basic details like the channel it’s operating on and signal strength. All the apps give you the signal strength in the negative dBm values and have some sort of visual representation on what I call a signal bar indicator. Some of the apps offer further network details, such as the access points vendor, media access control (MAC) and IP addresses.

The three most feature-rich apps we reviewed are WiFi Overview 360 Pro, WiFi Data+, and WiFi Analyzer Pro. (Watch screen shots of each product.)

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