Review: AirWatch takes mobile device management to the next level

mobile device management 1

AirWatch 8.1 is a sophisticated control plane for mobile devices that meets the needs of large enterprises. It stacks up well against other MDM apps we’ve tested, and features container demarcation plus elements of data loss prevention.

AirWatch controls end user access to applications and other resources like email, and works across a wide variety of phone, tablet, and notebook/desktop devices. For some device platforms, containerization can be managed by policy, down to the level of permitting or denying things like built-in camera activation.

A VMware unit, AirWatch has the advantage of being completely autonomous from the big sellers of phones and their carriers, and it also boasts third-party associations that add to its overall systems integrity.

We tested AirWatch in the cloud as a SaaS application, and found it very compelling, rapidly accessible, and easily joined to your existing systems infrastructure. Airwatch’s cloud-based UI is good, even on smaller displays.

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