6 Techiest Commercials from Super Bowl 50

Website tool makers Squarespace, Wix among those distracting you from the Broncos-Panthers matchup this year

6 Techiest Commercials from Super Bowl 50

In between the booze (Budweiser), cars (Buick, Audi, etc.) and food (Doritos, Coke, etc.) commercials during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast will be a fair representation by tech companies large and relatively unknown. 

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Amazon will air its first ad, promoting its voice-controlled Echo virtual assistant technology, via Alex Baldwin and Dan Marino banter.

Fitness gadget maker Fitbit goes sleek with an ad for its stylish Apple Watch Killer, the $200 Blaze. The ad actually debuted during the CES conference in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Two website builders, Squarespace and Wix.com, will attempt to inspire football fans to crank out shiny new websites using their tools. Squarespace employs comedians Key and Peele.

Wix has obtained the talents of Kung Fu Panda and friends to pitch its offering.

LG will try to make you want a new TV for next year’s Super Bowl in a spot featuring actor Liam Neeson, his son and OLED televisions.

T-Mobile represents the carrier set (Sprint advertised during the big game last year) with two 30-second ads. One of its “restricted bling” spots features singer Drake and that stiff suit who looks suspiciously like NFL chief buffoon Roger Goodell.

BONUS: In addition to Sprint, Microsoft too will not make a return engagement with a Super Bowl ad. However, Microsoft did release a cool video about how its futuristic Hololens technology could really change viewing the game in the future (if you don’t mind looking like a goof).

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