iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Interference-free & waterproof; dazzling new concept designs

4-inch iPhone 5se also said to be on the way in March, months before the iPhone 7 debuts

Presidential candidate Donald Trump might be urging citizens to boycott Apple over its refusal to bend to the FBI’s desire to crack the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone, but apparently no such boycott on iPhone 7 rumors has been pushed by anyone yet…


Apple might not be able to do anything about gravitational waves, but it is reportedly taking steps to limit the impact that electromagnetic waves have on its next iPhone. The Korean website ET News reports that Apple is applying electromagnetic shielding to chips powering its new smartphone. “Although it has been applying this technology to PCB (Printing Circuit Board) and connector, this is the first time when it is applying this technology to most of major chips,” the site reports. ET News says Apple first started applying EMI shield technology to the main chips within the Apple Watch.

Perhaps the iPhone will be waterproof too, as so many rumors have suggested. The latest evidence of this comes from Apple supplier Japan Display, which recently displayed its new Pixel Eyes LCD modules that can operate even when the user pressing the screen has wet fingers.

“Many current smartphone screens are unable to work accurately under water and when fingers are wet as water is capacitive and confuses the built-in touch sensors,” MacRumors reports.

How many super powers are left for the iPhone to acquire? Even the dreaded Error 53 is no longer kryptonite for the iPhone. 


There will apparently be no interfering with plans by Apple to roll out a new 4-inch smartphone dubbed the iPhone 5se along with an iPad Air 3 beginning on March 18, a few days after they are announced, according to 9to5Mac and others.

While the iPhone 5se will come in a small package, it promises to pack a punch, powered by Apple’s A9 and M9 processors, plus an NFC chip for Apple Pay. So the same sorts of oomph that iPhone 6 users get, but without the 4.7- or 5.5-inch screens that are just too big for some.


The prolific Arthur Reis has a new concept design video on aptly named ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel, featuring a vision of the next iPhone with an AMOLED display, super-thin body, Bluetooth AirPods by Beats, an Inductive ChargingPad and more. If you’re an Apple fanboy or fangirl, I’m pretty sure you want one of these. 

Not to be outdone though, Christopher Grayson shows off his vision for Apple virtual reality in this post on Giganti.co.

iphone 7 concept Christopher Grayson/Giganti.co

Grayson, CEO and chief creative officer of the Christopher Grayson label, builds on rumors of iPhone 7 gaining a dual-camera setup to suggest iPhones are in a perfect spot to rule the VR market given that they are already so good at creating content as cameras. Grayson runs through the history of stereoscopic cards and 3D images and View-Masters, before showcasing what a VR-enabled iPhone might look like. He writes in part:

“There are some who say Apple is too late to the VR game. Those pundits all believe VR is just that, a game. On the other hand, Apple has a secret weapon: an installed base of iPhone users that upgrade more frequently than the users of any other handset maker. If every new iPhone were suddenly a stereoscopic camera, then Apple would lead the world’s largest tribe of user-generated VR content creators.”

That doesn’t sound far off from reality to me.

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