Mobile World Congress 2016

Coolest new Android & Windows phones of MWC 2016

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930A Unlocked Smartphone, (Black Onyx)

    $219.91 MSRP $799.99
    on Amazon
  • LG G5 H860 32GB ROM 4GB RAM 5.3-Inch 16MP + 8MP Dual Camera...

    on Amazon
  • Microsoft Lumia 650 (RM-1154) 16GB White, 5", Dual Sim,...

  • HTC Desire 626S No Contract Phone White (Virgin Mobile)

    $175.00 MSRP $129.99
    on Amazon
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 16GB Android Smartphone Octa-core Factory...

  • Alcatel IDOL 4 S Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone with VR Goggles...

    $178.99 MSRP $399.99
    on Amazon
  • HP Elite x3 with Desk Dock

    $799.00 MSRP $799.00
    on HP
  • HTC One X9 32GB Carbon Gray, Dual Sim, Unlocked...

    on Amazon
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Coolest new Android & Windows phones of MWC 2016

MWC has become quite the Android party over the past few years, at least in terms of new headliner devices, and this year has been no exception. Here’s a look at the biggest and best we’ve seen so far, with some Windows gadgets thrown in for good measure.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 + Galaxy S7 Edge

The biggest deal thus far has been the release of Samsung’s latest Android-based flagship, the Galaxy S7, along with a bigger, sleeker S7 Edge model. Camera refinements, quick charging (wired and wireless), and the reintroduction of removable storage – something hardcore fans have been clamoring for – are the big headlines here, though the lack of USB type C puzzled some pundits. They’ll be out in mid-March.

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Billing it as the “first modular smartphone,” LG’s G5 turned heads at its MWC 2016 release. There’s a detachable camera module for better pictures, and a speaker module for louder sound. This Android device also drawing more general praise for being one of LG’s strongest ever flagship devices, well-built and feature-rich.

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Obi MV1

The Obi MV1 is a dual-sim Android phone designed to offer reasonable bang for a reasonable buck. A 720p screen, 8MP main camera, 16GB of internal storage are all well behind the state of the art, but for the off-contract price of $150, compromises can be made. It’s on sale now in Asia and Africa, and will go to Latin America and Europe next month.

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Sony Xperia X series

The Sony Xperia X, X performance and XA are examples of what the company’s calling “intelligent technology” – much of what’s new in these Android devices has to do with predictive features like a camera that can track objects and focus on them. They’ll be out this summer.

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  • Microsoft Lumia 650 (RM-1154) 16GB White, 5", Dual...

Microsoft Lumia 650

Microsoft’s Windows-powered Lumia 650 is an unsurprisingly business-focused device – it doesn’t boast particularly high-end specs, but the price will be right at under $200. It’s set to go on sale overseas before it comes to the U.S.

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ZTE Blade v7

It’s thin, it’s light, it’s got the now-standard metal body and reasonably potent internals – it’s ZTE’s Blade v7 Android flagship. (There’s also a v7 lite model, that offers lower horsepower and a smaller screen in a stripped-down package.) Like the Lumia 650, the Blade v7 will initially launch overseas.

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HTC Desire updates

HTC’s Android-powered Desire smartphones are a mid-to-budget line, and the latest additions don’t change the formula much. They do, however, add a textured polycarbonate back that brings a little extra style to the proceedings, and are unlikely to break the bank, though specific pricing and availability weren’t released.

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  • Lenovo Vibe K5 16GB Android Smartphone Octa-core...

Lenovo Vibe K5 (w/wo plus)

Lenovo’s getting in on the slick, metallic Android handset party with the Vibe K5 – and it’s not trying to empty your wallet in the process, at a price point of $150. Unfortunately, according to XDA Developers and GSM Arena, the Vibe K5 is unlikely to make it into the U.S. market.

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Alcatel Idol 4 and 4s

Alcatel might not be the first name that pops into your head where smartphones are concerned, but the Idol 4 and 4S are reasonably up-to-date Android devices, and the higher-powered 4S ships with packaging that can be assembled into a VR headset, a la Google Cardboard. Pricing and availability info weren’t readily available.

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HP Elite x3

Yes, it really is a new line of Windows Phone devices – HP’s Elite x3 is designed to be a business powerhouse, taking advantage of Windows 10’s Continuum functionality to function as a desktop PC when docked. It’ll go on sale this summer.

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LG Stylus 2

Despite what Steve Jobs might have to say about it, there are users out there who like the stylus as an accessory to their smartphone, and LG’s targeting those people with the Stylus 2. It’s not as power-packed as LG’s other major Android release at MWC 2016, the G5, but stylus fans might like it all the same.

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HTC One X9

The One X9 has been on the market since the end of last year, but HTC confirmed that its not-quite-a-flagship would be coming to numerous markets in Europe and Asia at MWC 2016. The company didn’t have its rumored M10 – the next flagship – ready to release at the show.

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Akyumen Holophone

For presentations, or for watching movies on any flat surface around, there’s the Akyumen Holophone. It’s a Windows-based device that packs a built-in projector and a lot of internal storage for video content.

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Gionee S8

Chinese firm Gionee's new flagship is the S8, a slickly constructed little slab that sports a 1080p screen, a MediaTek MT6755 chipset and 4GB of RAM. It's got 3D touch, a la the latest iDevices, and will cost roughly $500 when it goes on sale next month. (Country-by-country availability, however, is unclear.)