iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: FBI gets in the way; a new iPad on the way; wildest concept design yet

A 9.7-inch iPad Pro is pegged, and one iPhone 7 concept design outfit really spreads its wings

iPhone 7 rumor followers might have tried to ignore all the fuss between Apple and the FBI about whether an iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino murderers will be cracked open. But then people started suggesting that situation could have a bearing on when Apple would actually deliver its next flagship iPhone…

A headline from The Independent this past week read “iPhone 7 could be built specifically so governments can’t get access to its contents,” and the story goes on to document how it’s possible Apple could build future phones to be unhackable, to head off any future government requests to pry open iPhones.

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The Independent reports:

“It isn’t clear exactly how Apple could strengthen the phone’s security. But it could mean building the hardware specifically so that people can’t get access to the phone’s contents, and that Apple is unable to modify the phone in such a way as to overcome it.”

Boy Genius Report posted an item titled “Will the iPhone 7 launch be delayed by the FBI’s backdoor request?”, sending shudders throughout iPhone Rumormonger Nation about what this could mean for aniPhone 7 release date in 2016. I mean, how many more iPhone 7 design concepts can people possibly come up with if this stretches beyond the fall?

BGR’s Chris Smith writes that “After reading through some of Apple’s claims, we can’t but wonder whether such a custom software built for the FBI would hinder Apple’s product launch plans for the remainder of the year. Specifically, delays in development for iOS 10 could lead to a postponed iPhone 7  launch and we’ll explain why…” Apple outlines in its response to the FBI request how it would need to assign numerous employees to the case, and the assumption is that they wouldn’t then be working on the new iPhones. 


Even before Apple gets to an anticipated fall debut for the iPhone 7, the company has been expected to roll out a 4-inch iPhone 5se and a new iPad in March. Up until now, the thinking was that this new tablet would be the iPad Air 3, but the latest scuttlebutt is that it will actually be an addition to the rather newish iPad Pro mega-tablet line.

Rumor is that Apple is readying a 9.7-inch iPad Pro to go along with the 12.9-inch version introduced in the fall. The new tablet, reports 9to5Mac, would likely have the same A9X processor as the bigger edition, as well as support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

Apple Insider says to expect these announcements on March 22. Release dates for the new small iPhone and new big iPad would presumably be shortly after that.

Not that anyone is buying tablets anymore anyway…


What people would buy, though, is an iPhone that magically (our word, not Apple’s this time) morphs into a tablet.

That’s the vision shared in this latest iPhone 7 concept design, via Sonicdat. Its big

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