Oscar ad finds Carrie Fisher, IBM Watson and robots dealing with humans

Academy Awards IBM spots will also feature Ridley Scott


Apparently IBM’s Watson isn’t all that popular amongst the robot community – at least that’s how it looks in a new IBM commercial "Coping with Humans": A Support Group for Bots.”

In the commercial Carrie Fisher (or Princess Leia of Star Wars fame) tries to guide a raft of disgruntled robots in a therapy session that apparently has had problems in the past – saying “maybe this week we might try and listen more – and throw things less.”

It’s pretty funny, take a look.

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The “Coping with humans” ad will run with a second spot featuring sci-fi master director Ridley Scott having a movie chat with Watson. Both ads will run during the Academy Awards show this weekend. Scott was the director of best-picture nominee "The Martian."

IBM created the ads with Ogilvy and Mather with the notion of how cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and human interaction needs to improve and of course to promote Watson.

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